Las Campanas Observatory

Las Campanas Observatory

Las Campanas observatory is located a few kilometers further north of La Silla, on the borders of the Third and Fourth Region. The access road is the same as our previous observatory, that is Panamericana Norte km. 595. On the way, there is a parralel detour which leads to Las Campanas Observatory. This facility is operated by Carnigie Institution of Washington, and its location is 2,500 meters above sea level. Inside, there are 5 optical telescopes, 1 solar telescope, telephones, radio, Internet, running water, bathrooms and first aid.

What to see at the observatory?

The visit to Las Campanas consists of:

a) Introductive and informative lectures
b) Visits to the telescopes

There are no specialized guides at the site, only technicians working in the observatory. The tour takes about 3 hours and most visitors are students from schools, astronomy students and some foreigners.