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The Collowara Observatory is located at 1300 meters above sea level on top of the hill the Churque, in an area recognized by the global astronomical community, for having the best skies for observation of space.

Today it is run by a group of entrepreneurs belonging to the Red de Hospedaje Andacollo. Consisting of sales, cafeteria, elevator for the disabled, auditorium, 3 terraces of direct observation, main dome and toilets.

The completion of this complex had a team of experts in astronomical terms and devised a complex that has a modern infrastructure, observation equipment and a beautiful architectural line.



Main Telescope

1 Smith- Cassegrain 14”

Telescopes Observation Decks

2 Reflectors Newtonianos 10”

1  Dobson telescope 16”

The Centre's objective is to explore Collowara the sky with our eyes and telescopes through art, to find ourselves surrounded by a privileged climate, with more than 300 clear nights per year, Collowara. In Aymara language it means Land of stars.

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Collowara Observatory Tour

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