Astronomical Tours / Excursions

Tours Excursiones Coquimbo

Tours - Excursions Region of Coquimbo

Observation at open pit with astronomical guide and equipped with a professional 12’’ telescope in natural setting and full of the best conditions for observing. We offer trekking that start at sunset, or horseback ride under the moon by the mountain range.

Tours Region of Coquimbo

Tours Excursiones Antofagasta

Tours - Excursions Region of Antofagasta

Antofagasta region is characterized by concentrating the largest astronomical project in the world as the Alma Observatory and the E-ELT. In this region is located San Pedro de Atacama, a town whose extreme beauty receives thousands of tourists every year.

Tours Region of Antofagasta

Turismo Astronómico otras regiones

Astronomy Tourism Other Regions

Not only the Region of Coquimbo and Antofagasta have driven Astronomical Tourism. That is why soon we will include other areas of our country to astronomic tourism.

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