Mamalluca Observatory

Observatorio Mamalluca

Mamalluca Observatory is located 9 kms. northwest of Vicuña, the observatory opened in November 1998, a project designed by the Municipality of Vicuña together with the Club of Amateur Astronomy (CASMIA) and sponsored by the Inter-American Observatory in Cerro Tololo.

In its first stage of Mamalluca Observatory, (a total of 5) there is a 12-inch telescope donated by AURA. It includes CCD detectors for electronic photography, as well as computer equipment for data transfer. In its second stage we can enjoy a multimedia exhibition room where, in a 1-hour lecture, you can learn, through images and pictures, about everything that surrounds us. In addition to the administration offices, a diner and a souvenirs shop are available for visitors who come to this fascinating place.

Collowara Observatory

Observatorio Collowara

Collowara Observatory is one of the newest tourist observation centers in Chile. It is situated near the town of Andacollo, in the Fourth Region. It is located at 1300 mts. above sea level on the summit of Cerro Churqui and it is administratd by the Municipality of Andacollo.

A team of professional experts in astronomy developed this complex with modern infrastructure, observation equipment and a beautiful architectural line.

The center has in its main observation dome a 14-inch Cassigrain Smith telescope, , with a screening and conference room for up to 54 people, three terraces of direct cross-shaped observation towards the east, from where we can see at a distance the Tololo and Gemini Observatories. There, we can find two automatic 10-inch Smith Newtonian telescopes and a 16-inch Dobsonian

Pangue Observatory

Observatorio del Pangue

The Pangue Observatory located 17 Km. South of Vicuña in the region IV Chile shares the heavens more clear of the world next to observatories as the Tololo, Soar and Gemini. The place where it is located the Pangue Observatory is attractive not only for its natural beauty, but also by being a place where the observatories are the only human constructions visible.

The absence of light pollution next to the climatic conditions optimum allow the observatory offer a high-quality service and customized to a public more demanding.

Cruz del Sur Observatory

Observatorio Cruz del Sur

Cruz del Sur Observatory counts with a structure of four domes, each equipped with powerful digital telescopes between 14 and 16 inches, connected by a multipurpose room with a spherical dome. We are talking about some of the most modern astronomical facilities opened in early 2009 in Chile and they mean to strongly boost astronomical tourism in the Andean country.

Paniri Caur Observatory - Chiu Chiu

Observatorio Paniri Caur - Chiu Chiu

Bringing the worldview of Andean towns.

A large white sphere is what is perceived from the entrance of the village of Chiu Chiu in the Region of Antofagasta. This is the dome of the Andean Astronomy Observatory "Paniri Caur" by the company "Tourism Sun of the Desert".

The Observatory archaeoastronomical integrates modern observation with the Atacama Andean worldview through the sky watching tours and guided tours, excursions to towns and places with rock art tours, allowing rescue beliefs and customs of the ancient inhabitants of the highlands.

It is further complemented by the sale of crafts in wool, stone and copper, produced by local craftsmen "Alto El Loa".

Its founder, Silvia Lisoni indicates that "people have found this proposal interesting astronomical tourism, covering an aspect of history that allows to know the impact that had the sky, the sun and stars in the whole structure of life lickan antay, very different from the West ".

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