Paniri Caur Observatory - Chiu Chiu

Observatorio Paniri Caur - Chiu Chiu

Bringing the worldview of Andean towns.

A large white sphere is what is perceived from the entrance of the village of Chiu Chiu in the Region of Antofagasta. This is the dome of the Andean Astronomy Observatory "Paniri Caur" by the company "Tourism Sun of the Desert".

The Observatory archaeoastronomical integrates modern observation with the Atacama Andean worldview through the sky watching tours and guided tours, excursions to towns and places with rock art tours, allowing rescue beliefs and customs of the ancient inhabitants of the highlands.

It is further complemented by the sale of crafts in wool, stone and copper, produced by local craftsmen "Alto El Loa".

Its founder, Silvia Lisoni indicates that "people have found this proposal interesting astronomical tourism, covering an aspect of history that allows to know the impact that had the sky, the sun and stars in the whole structure of life lickan antay, very different from the West ".

This project began its gestation in 2007 under the umbrella of Incuba2 Corporation, Sercotec and Corfo, which her manager, agreed the business development of what until then was only an idea.

The main customers are Chilean observatory, however, has been visited by Japanese, German and French, to soak up the Atacama culture and its Andean worldview.

The tours are recommended for people of all ages, from 5 years and without age limits. It is also recommended for students of primary and secondary education or both to supplement materials physics or astronomy for extracurricular activities.

In the Paniri Caur Observatory basic courses in astronomy and astrophotography are also performed. Transportation is also offered from Calama, tours and according to the number of people and their requirements specialist routes.


Paniri Caur Observatory Tour - Chiu Chiu

Tour Observatorio Paniri CaurThe Observatory Archeoastronomy "Paniri Caur" is located in the town of Chiu Chiu (Alto El Loa sector), half an hour of Calama in the Antofagasta Region. In Paniri Caur you can observe the heavens and learn about the Andean world of the Atacama (or archaeoastronomy), allowing to know the impact that had the stars in the whole structure of life of the Andean people.

Paniri Caur Observatory Tour

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