Paniri Caur Observatory Tour

Tour Observatorio Paniri Caur

Archaeoastronomy Observatory Andina "Paniri Caur" is located in the town of Chiu Chiu (Alto El Loa sector), half an hour of Calama in the Antofagasta Region.

In Paniri Caur Observatory you can observe the heavens and learn about the Andean world of the Atacama (or archaeoastronomy), allowing to know the impact that had the stars in the whole structure of life of the Andean people.

This tour is complemented by tourist routes to various destinations in the area Alto El Loa (Chiu Chiu, Lasana, Caspana) and Atacama La Grande (San Pedro de Atacama, Toconao, Machuca), in addition to the main tourist attractions of the area (Geysers of Tatio, Moon Valley, Puritama), which are made with guides in a personalized way, according to the needs of tourists.

Astronomical Tour

The astronomical tour includes an audiovisual lecture and observation of classical and indigenous constellations through star charts and a telescope of 14 ", to learn about the different types of stars, planets, and location. This tour is a retrospective journey into the world view of the Atacama villages, set in a unique natural environment in the Atacama Desert. The tour runs from 21:00 to 23:30 (summer time), can accommodate groups of up to 15 people.

Planetarium and astronomical Tour

Tour includes more astronomical Planetarium. This is a multimedia audio-visual activity, with video projection and surround effect which gives greater realism, with topics related to astronomy. Duration of two activities: about 3 hours.

Towns of Alto El Loa and astronomical Tour

Lasana and Chiu Chiu two highland villages that are the entrance to Alto El Loa visited. In Lasana Pucara with preincaicas buildings and Chiu Chiu village was the administrative center of the Spanish colony in the oldest church in Chile it is traversed. Finally the astronomical Tour is done.

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Paniri Caur Observatory Tour

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