Mamalluca Observatory

Observatorio Mamalluca

Mamalluca Observatory is located 9 kms. northwest of Vicuña, the observatory opened in November 1998, a project designed by the Municipality of Vicuña together with the Club of Amateur Astronomy (CASMIA) and sponsored by the Inter-American Observatory in Cerro Tololo.

In its first stage of Mamalluca Observatory, (a total of 5) there is a 12-inch telescope donated by AURA. It includes CCD detectors for electronic photography, as well as computer equipment for data transfer. In its second stage we can enjoy a multimedia exhibition room where, in a 1-hour lecture, you can learn, through images and pictures, about everything that surrounds us. In addition to the administration offices, a diner and a souvenirs shop are available for visitors who come to this fascinating place.

Inside the observatory, there is an approximately 2-hour tour where specialized guides explain in detail the concerns of the visitors and respond their doubts with accuracy. Here, you can enter an unsuspected world for humankind, where we are invited to participate in a cosmic journey through sounds and images. You can also look through the telescope, observing the stars, moon, planets like Saturn and its rings or Jupiter and its 16 moons, and the different constellations. You will be amazed with what you can see.

Within the program, Night Observations, the following is covered:

a) Presenting of guides and group forming
b) Introductory lectures to astronomical issues supported by audiovisual material.
c) Observation and explanation of the skies with the naked eye and small telescopes on the terrace where you can learn to recognize bright stars and constellations.
d) Observation through the 12-inch telescope to appreciate more clearly the different objects in space.

Mamalluca Observatory Tour

Tour Observatorio MamallucaA not to miss opportunity is to visit the first touristic observatory of the region, making a tour through their facilities and observing the sky through a telescope located in the main dome.

Mamalluca Observatory Tour

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