Solar Eclipses

Eclipse Solar

There is a solar eclipse on Earth, when the moon covers the sun, from that exact point on the Earth. This can only happen during the new moon (Sun and Moon in conjunction).


There are three types of solar eclipses

Partial Eclipse

The moon does not completely cover the solar disk resulting in a crescent moon.

Total Eclipse

From a band on the surface of the Earth, the Moon completely covers the Sun.

Annular Eclipse

Occurs when the moon is near the peak and its angular diameter is less than that of the sun, so that at the maximum phase, a visible ring of the disc of the Sun remains. This occurs in the annularity band, beyond it, the eclipse is partial.

Solar Eclipses 2015

Date Type Zone
20 marzo 2015 Total Iceland, Europe, n Africa, n Asia
13 septiembre 2015 Parcial s Africa, s Indian, Antarctica



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