Elqui Estelar - Total Solar Eclipse 2019

Elqui Estelar - Total Eclipse 2019

Observing a Total Solar Eclipse may be a one-time life experience. For whom already have this in mind and have already anticipated your hotel reservations in Elqui Valley or in La Serena the 2nd of July, well then I invite you to participate in our private Event/Function where we guaranty you a prime quality observation of the Total Eclipse: Elqui Estelar – Total Solar Eclipse 2019 Tuesday the 2nd of July, an exclusive event in a picturesque and privileged panoramic scenery and very secure space for this reason also you may bring your own telescope if you wish and/or photographic camera.

Visit to the Cerro Tololo Observatory

Tololo Observatory Tour

The Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (CTIO) is a complex of telescopes and astronomic instruments located in the Elqui Valley at an altitude of 2.200 above sea level. It is operated by AURA, the Association of Universities for the Research in Astronomy, in cooperation with Universidad de Chile and under the auspices of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mamalluca Observatory Tour

Tour Observatorio Mamalluca

The Mamalluca observatory is the first and greatest touristic observatory of Chile. It is located close to the city of Vicuña and offers an astronomic program designed for the general public. The program consists of an introductory talk, observation with a medium sized and the larger, principal telescope from the dome of the observatory. In total, the tour lasts 4 hours and includes round trip transfers.

Astro Experience

Astro Aventura

In Pisco Elqui at sunset, we are heading by car to a remote place up in the hills, free of any light pollution. In reclining chairs around a campfire with a pisco cocktail you will listen to a talk from an astronomical guide to learn more about the nightly sky, covered with stars and planets. Besides, you can explore the cosmos yourself with a 20-inch telescope. As a memorial gift of the astroexperience we will send you a nocturnal photo of you and the starry sky.

Astro Experience for Delegations or Groups

Tour Astronómico en Valle del Elqui

This program is a personalized service for groups. We offer a unique journey to the southern hemisphere’s sky in the Elqui Valley, a region known world-wide for having clear nights all year round.

According to your personal preferences, transport can be arranged by foot, horse or van. At the observation site, we await your group with a magical dinner under the open sky and then continue with the guided stargazing program, including an observation with a professional 20-inch telescope.

Astronomic Horseback Ride

Cabalgata Nocturna

The perfect tour to combine your journey to the stars with some adventure in between.

At dusk, we will go by horseback riding up to the observation site following a single trail. The excursion is also suitable for people with no experience in horseback riding. Also our horses are tame and we will give you all the necessary instructions at the beginning.

Collowara Observatory Tour - Andacollo

Tour Observatorio Collowara

The Collowara Observatory is located at 1300 meters above sea level on top of the hill the Churque, in an area recognized by the global astronomical community, for having the best skies for observation of space.

Today it is run by a group of entrepreneurs belonging to the Red de Hospedaje Andacollo. Consisting of sales, cafeteria, elevator for the disabled, auditorium, 3 terraces of direct observation, main dome and toilets.

The completion of this complex had a team of experts in astronomical terms and devised a complex that has a modern infrastructure, observation equipment and a beautiful architectural line.


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