Elqui Estelar - Total Solar Eclipse 2019

Elqui Estelar - Total Eclipse 2019

Observing a Total Solar Eclipse may be a one-time life experience. For whom already have this in mind and have already anticipated your hotel reservations in Elqui Valley or in La Serena the 2nd of July, well then I invite you to participate in our private Event/Function where we guaranty you a prime quality observation of the Total Eclipse: Elqui Estelar – Total Solar Eclipse 2019 Tuesday the 2nd of July, an exclusive event in a picturesque and privileged panoramic scenery and very secure space for this reason also you may bring your own telescope if you wish and/or photographic camera.


Program for this Event: Elqui Estelar – Total Solar Eclipse 2019

Our services will commence with the transfer from your hotel to the location of this grand event offering the program for the day and souvenir bag with certified glasses, a jockey, blanket, tickets and a wristband, at 9am onwards we commence the activities on location.

The following programme awaits before the Eclipse:

  • We will receive you with a welcome buffet breakfast that will be served in an open dining area between 9.30 and 11.00am
  • In our auditorium whilst awaiting the Eclipse we will talk about security measures and all scientific aspects also an ample description of the stars visible on this night.
  • Archaeological Astronomy; this will be explained by our masterful Archeastronomer Patricio Bustamante, Describing the first observers of the Southern Andean sky and its relationship with the environment and a lot more!
  • Astro Educ; is a didactic and dynamic workshop that has been created and will be offered especially for children and adolescents on this day.
  • Co-creation; we invite all attendees who may feel motivated to interact and share experiences, knowledge in form of a speech or lecture and/ or even a basic workshop.
  • Chilean Barbeque buffet lunch will be offered and served between 12.30 and 1.30 pm

Contemplation of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

Each participant will count with individual seating in an ample and privileged panoramic location.

15:23 Commencement of the Partial Eclipse

16:38 Commencement of the Total Eclipse

16:41 End of Total Eclipse

17:33 End of visibility partial eclipse

17:46 End of the partial Eclipse

The following program will be offered after the Eclipse:

17:45 -18: 30 Andean sunset; an ambient wood fire with music featuring our local musicians local, celebrating the beauty and charm of the Elqui Valley.

18:30 - 20:30 Observation of celestial objects of the South Andean Sky.

Elixir of Elqui: Wine, cocktails and Beer tasting from the best distilleries and vineyards in the Elqui Region.

Andean Snack; warm and appetizing snack buffet accompanied by a variety of teas including mate, coffee and hot chocolate.

Return to original meeting point

1st departure 17:45 - 2nd departure 18:30 - 3rd departure 20:30 hrs.


  • 1.5 hectares, elevation 730 masl (2,400 ft), with slope in descent of 8 ° average.
  • Latitude 30 ° 02 '40 "S / Length 70 ° 39' 46" W
  • You can bring your own telescope and / or camera, the place is wide, we will have security and a privileged panoramic view.
  • Access by paved road and alternative routes.
  • Parking will be provided inside the property for the buses that will make the transfer.
  • Drinking water will be available also
  • 2 bathrooms for men / 2 bathrooms for women.
  • Electricity to charge batteries and astronomical equipment. Recommended to consider carrying 100% batteries for possible power grid saturations.
  • Nursing care module.
  • To avoid inconveniences, a contingency plan has been imposed according to the Chilean Quality Standard NCH 3067.
  • Access for handicapped persons has been adapted on the property / except for bathrooms.


Special Offer $359 usd (ADULT) and $287 usd (CHILD)


We also encourage you experience our day and night tours prior or after the Total Solar Eclipse.

*Outdoor Excursions; explore the beautiful Cochiguaz Valley by horse, trekking or bicycle (tours mornings and afternoons)

*Distilleries and Vineyards; visit our finest and oldest pisco distilleries and vineyards in our Alcohuaz Valley, pisco and wine tasting.

* Astronomical Dining experience; Dine on our Andean Mountain whilst observing the stars from the Elqui skies (each night)

*Astro Experience; a tour that guarantees a pleasant and knowledgeable observation of the stars and planets and other celestial phenomena, accompanied by a delicious pisco sour.

We recommend you anticipate your reservations on these dates to assure your accommodation and activities on these dates due to the high demand.

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