Pangue Observatory

Observatorio del Pangue

The Pangue Observatory located 17 Km. South of Vicuña in the region IV Chile shares the heavens more clear of the world next to observatories as the Tololo, Soar and Gemini. The place where it is located the Pangue Observatory is attractive not only for its natural beauty, but also by being a place where the observatories are the only human constructions visible.

The absence of light pollution next to the climatic conditions optimum allow the observatory offer a high-quality service and customized to a public more demanding.

The Pangue Observatory account with the telescope public largest Chile 25" (63cm) open to f/5. Next to the telescope Dobsoniano OBSESSION of 25" (63cm) also owns a telescope Schmidt Cassegrain computerized MEADE LX200ACF 16" (40cm) open to f/10 and a telescope Dobsoniano ORION SkyQuest 12" (12 inches), open to f/4.9. The Observatory of Pangue offers various modalities of visits to their facilities which range from traditional tours of 2 hours with specialized guides to the lease by nights complete for an observation most exclusive and custom.

The guides speak Spanish, English and French. Together with carrying out activities of Tourism astronomical observatory is characterized by receive astro-photographer around the world in its facilities which have carried out various jacks of the most various astros visible of these latitudes. The Pangue Observatory is unlike the other astronomical observatories tours by offering a service more personalized and exclusive to its visitors.

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