Mamalluca Observatory Tour

Tour Observatorio Mamalluca

The Mamalluca observatory is the first and greatest touristic observatory of Chile. It is located close to the city of Vicuña and offers an astronomic program designed for the general public. The program consists of an introductory talk, observation with a medium sized and the larger, principal telescope from the dome of the observatory. In total, the tour lasts 4 hours and includes round trip transfers.


  • Round trip transfer from the cities of La Serena, Vicuña, Paihuano orPiscoElqui.
  • Brief astronomical video in the auditorium.
  • Observation of celestial phenomena with a 12-inch telescope and with the principal telescope from the dome.

Duration of tour

4 hours aprox.


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Contact / Booking

The astronomic tour described includes transfer and tickets. To visit the observatoryby yourself, please contact the Mamalluca observatory office directly to reserve your tickets in advance.

Mamalluca Observatory Tour

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