Elqui Romantic 3 days - 2 nights

Elqui Astronómico

Programs designed to provide relax space and find and meeting with the couple, through exquisite outputs that shine through them innovation and surprise.

In this warm and natural environmental, you will begin the program with invigorating trip to the Andes, where you’ll enjoy its benefits accessing hot springs in its native state; also, you will be witness a rich panorama of colors, clays and minerals.

Also, you'll enjoy of astronomical horseback riding, to go into the magic of a night sky, characterized by having excellent conditions for observation; will enjoy an unforgettable evening under a blanket of stars in a wild setting


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Elqui Profundo 3 days - 2 nights

Programa Turistico Valle del Elqui

It is stay at hotel in the nice Elqui town, located set in landscape dominated by the Andes, in a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful architecture.

Tour to last rural towns of the valley: Horcón, Alcohuaz, artisanal pisco distillery tour and visit the Temple of Ten Contemplations optional experience of therapy with Tibetan bowls.

In the Valley of Cochiguaz, you will learn and experience the captivating beauty of its barren and fertile landscape.

At night in a wild setting, our guide will predict astronomical observation of the sky through professional telescope.


Read more: Elqui Profundo 3 days - 2 nights

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