Exploring Programme Elqui for Students

Gira de Estudio Astronómica

The students will learn about the important developments in the field of astronomy in the region. They will be introduced to the research done by the local scientific community and be shown how the scientists try to further explore and understand the phenomena found on the southern hemisphere sky. A visit to a touristic observatory, including an observation of the night sky with a professional telescope as well as with the naked eye will allow the students to discover the cosmos themselves.

Astronomic Elqui Program 4 days - 3 nights

Elqui Astronómico

Special interest program focused on astronomy, a selection of the best programs to discover the cosmos in the Elqui Valley.

Thursday: Check-in to hotel in Pisco Elqui, a typical town of Chile’s North. Excursion to the last villages situated back in the valley, enjoying its natural and cultural heritage, with excellent views over the valley and its surrounding mountains.

Friday: Optional horseback ride or trekking to the Andes along the trails of the local cowboys and goatherds. An adventure that will take you through a natural and wild landscape under a crystal clear-blue sky along the Cochiguaz River. Basic horseback riding instructions will be given by us. The ride is also suitable for unexperienced riders as the horses are tame. In the afternoon, there is time to rest in the hotel or discover the village of Pisco Elqui. At sunset, we pick you up for the astronomic program. Under the open sky, around a campfire with a Pisco Cocktail you will listen to a talk of the astronomical guide. Later, you will discover the valley’s fascinating starry sky with a 20” telescope.

Elqui Experience Program 3 days - 2 nights

Elqui Experience Program

Programme recommended for the general public. Possibility to enjoy the peasant culture and wild landscapes of the Elqui Valley with tours oriented to small groups, families or friends.

The first night you will experience our astroexperience. In a place surrounded by mountains and with no light pollution you will enjoy the most important celestial phenomena. Sitting around a campfire with a Pisco Cocktail you will listen to the talk of our astronomical guide. Later you have the possibility to observe the starry sky with a 20-inch telescope as well as with the naked eye.

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