Exploring Programme Elqui for Students

Gira de Estudio Astronómica

The students will learn about the important developments in the field of astronomy in the region. They will be introduced to the research done by the local scientific community and be shown how the scientists try to further explore and understand the phenomena found on the southern hemisphere sky. A visit to a touristic observatory, including an observation of the night sky with a professional telescope as well as with the naked eye will allow the students to discover the cosmos themselves.

 In addition, by day, they will experience the different natural landscapes of the Coquimbo region: the coast, the valleys and the mountains. Hikes on trails suitable for beginners can be arranged. Moreover, the students will get in touch with the urban-coastal town culture, peasant-rural life and the fishermen’s everyday life on the coast.


  • Guides for each tour and excursion
  • All lunches
  • Tours to visit main points of interests in the Coquimbo region
  • Open air excursions (e.g. hikes, bike rides)
  • All the transfers + logistics during the program


To be negotiated, depending on dates, duration and size of the group.

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