Flowered Desert

Flowered Desert

At the southern border of the Atacama Region, about 100 kms north of the beautiful city of La Serena, we can find what is called El Desierto Florido ( The Flowered Desert ). It is a natural phenomenon that occurs occasionally in rainy seasons, allowing nature to flourish in an area that we can practically only find cactus. It lasts approximately 3 months. We can appreciate the great diversity of species that are present. However, flowering is not even around the entire area. There are some species with more domain in areas of coastal influence and others, mainly inland. Not all species flower simultaneously.

The first kind to appear are the bulb species, like the yellow and red “añañuca”, as well as the white “huilli”. Depending on the time of year, between September and November, the majestic colorful flowers begin to appear in the arid desert.

The most spectacular scenes can be seen from Vallenar to the north, on the way to Copiapo, both in the central area and in the coastal areas of Huasco, Carrizal Bajo and Totoral and Caldera.

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