Fray Jorge National Park

Fray Jorge National Park

In the IV Region of Coquimbo, 1 hour south of the small town of Ovalle, we find the National Park and World Biosphere Reserve, Fray Jorge National Park. Its intense rainfall and persistent coastal fog, dragged by ocean winds, help conserve wildlife areas, favourably comparable to the most typical Valdivian forests in the south. Given the geographical location, it is even more remarkable to count with a small, southern-like forest in the north of Chile. This allows a suitable microclimate for the development of olive trees, cinnamon trees, myrtle, lichen and even climbing plants.

As for fauna, it is possible to find great variety of birds such as eagles, quails and hummingbirds, and some species of mammals such as culpeo foxes and wild cats.

You can visit all year round, but the best season to visit the park, with all its flora and fauna, is in spring.

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