Andacollo is located 57 kms. southeast of La Serena, embedded between 2 hills, reaching 1100 meters above sea level. To get to this small town is not very difficult. It is only 50 minutes by car from the capital of the region. On our way, we can find many streams and picturesque villages.

This former mining town (in the old days, there were gold sinks that were taken to the Incas) is now known for its festival of the Virgen del Rosario de Andacollo whose image can be currently found in the Templo Chico. Its construction dates back to 1772. On one side of the temple, we find the Virgen Museum, a place for parishioners who come with flowers all year round. On the other side, is the Basilica Menor, pride and heritage of the andacollinos. This church was built in 1893 and declared a National Monument in 1981. It is also known as the "Iglesia Grande".

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