Coquimbo is a town ll kms from La Serena. Its population is 188 thousand inhabitants and it is the main port of the region. Unlike the city of churches, in Coquimbo the fishing industry, distilleries, tanneries and construction stand out. In recent years, tourism has also had an increase, without skeptically looking at its neighbor La Serena.

Its people are more humble and hardworking, but everyone works together in the development of the city - a port city where its streets and attractive promenades give way to enchantment for tourists visiting throughout the year in unsuspected numbers. At the port, they offer boat rides for visitors and, in recent years, more and more luxury cruises such as the Discovery World and the Crystal Serenity are reaching this port.

Among its tourist attractions we can highlight the Cruz del Tercer Milenio, inaugurated in 1999 and where we can observe a desirable panoramic view of the bay and its surroundings or explore its beautiful neighborhood and admired English architecture, walk through its renewed waterfront, which has led to the openning of pubs, discos and art galleries. Furthermore, this allows the union between La Serena and the city - port. Another must is to take an unforgettable tour of downtown, where we can see the "dome" in the Plaza de Armas and a few blocks from there, taste the wide diversity of seafood in its municipal market.

The beaches are another of the charms of this city. Among them, La Herradura stands out, located in the Guayacán area, south of the peninsula of Coquimbo. The tranquility of this place has led to the installation of hotels and restaurants of very good quality, beautiful homes and private condominiums and a yacht club. Further south, there are other peaceful and beautiful white-sand beaches such as Totoralillo, converted today in a perfect place for lovers of surf, The Tacas, a luxurious resort complex, which includes an airport, restaurants, apart hotel and a condominium with a mediteranean construction. Morrillos, Las Mostazas, Playa Blanca, are other beaches that have all kinds of accommodations and restaurant services.

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