Atacama Salt Bank

Atacama Salt Bank

Atacama Salt Bank is located 56 kms. southeast of San Pedro de Atacama, in the Antofagasta Region. It has an area of 3000 km2, which transforms it into the largest salt bank in Chile. At an altitude which reaches over 2300 mts. above sea level, the air we breathe is completely dry. We have an extraordinary view of this giant salt bank. We can appreciate the beauty of the mountain range La Sal to the north and west and see the various attractions presented by this inhospitable landscape. Nonetheless, the tourists often suffer a distortion of the distances.

Within this radiant, white landscape and semi-crystalline waters, it is possible to find lagoons formed by the erosion of the landscape. The most important lagoon is Chaxa located in the National Reserve Los Flamencos, where we can find flora adapted to the saline environment and the desert climate such as tar and cachiyuyo. As for fauna, we can highlight the Chilean and Andean flamingos, hence the name of the reserve, as well as the chorlos de la puna, Andean gulls, birds migratory and maybe a swallow or two can be seen.

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