National Reserve los Flamencos

National Reserve los Flamencos

National Reserve Los Flamencos Founded in 1990, this beautiful reserve is located on the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama. Within its borders, the national reserve has 5 branches which include the Valle de la Luna, the Salar de Atacama, Tara and Pujsa and Lagoons Miscante and Miñiques, each one with different flora and fauna. Their altitudes range from 2300 mts above sea level to 5910 mts. above sea level, consisting of mountainous and volcanic relief.

Within the fauna we can observe the culpeo fox, the chilla vizcachas, flamingos, condors, eaglets, the ñandu and jarjual ducks. Regarding the flora, we can appreciate the cachiyuyo, tar and salt grass. There is a water system implemented to maintain the flora and fauna of the area, among which we can highlight the already mentioned Lagoons Miscante and Miñiques, Lagoon Puilar, Chaxa and Barros Negros.

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