Moon Valley

Moon Valley

The Moon Valley is located in the mountain range La Sal, in the Atacama Desert, Second Region in the north (15 kms. northwest of San Pedro de Atacama). This natural sanctuary is a true geological wonder for humanity. Because of its lunar-like appearance, they named it the Luna (Moon) Valley. The sunsets seen from the valley are a real spectacle. At sunset, the hills begin to change colors, the sky goes from pink to purple to black, while the wind blows through the rocks.

The valley measures about 12 kms. square and the journey can take between 3 to 4 hours, showing the harsh beauty of its landscape, the erosion of the relief and the salinity expressed in its surroundings shining intensely in the moonlight. Tourists are advised to take enough water, lip and radiation sunblock and a jacket to cover themselves from the wind that usually can be found at 2700 mts above sea level.

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