San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a small town situated in an oasis located in the high plateau of the second region. Formerly home to the Atacameños, its population is just over 2.500 inhabitants and it is possible to observe in this area some of the highest peaks of the Andes Mountain Range.

Today, its importance lies in the number of tourists from different parts of the world, attracted by its archeological history, which lead San Pedro de Atacama to be considered the archeological capital of Chile. The extension of its landscapes and its blue skies are spectacularly clear almost all year.

Given this, its natural weather conditions and being a privileged place to observe the stars, several astronomical activities linked to tourism are being developed. Some companies put in practice this kind of tourism. The tours begin with a geographical explanation of the skies and its constellations, continuing with the observation of the stars, the moon and its craters, and Saturn and its rings.

Tours can be found at $12.000 Chilean pesos ( U.S. $25 ), which includes transfers and a drink or hot chocolate.

Some of the best places for astronomical observations, near San Pedro de Atacama, and can even be done without a tour, since they count with all the necessary conditions, are in Caspana, located 3305 meters above sea level, Beter, Machuca, since it has absolutely no light pollution, Camar and Crater Monturaqui, ideal for amateur astronomy since it was formed by a meteorite.


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